Mentoring Plan

Gustare Salute is the first mentoring platform which focuses on gut-brain connection and eating psychology and uses a nutritional therapy, functional medicine approach, to create personalised recommendations and adapts these over time, as health needs change. At Gustare Salute we educate and motivate our clients and we provide support during their way back to health.


Gut Brain Connection

Changes in the gut microbiome and inflammation in the gut can affect the brain and cause symptoms like anxiety and depression; mental health problems will than affect the gastrointestinal tract causing indigestion, bloating and pain.

At Gustare Salute we help you break down this vicious cycle by rebalancing your gut microflora and supporting a healthy and positive mindset.


Eating psychology focuses on the power of food on body and mind.

At Gustare Salute we help you understand the damaging effects of mindless or emotional eating and the importance of an healthy relationship with food.

Eating Psychology

Initial Consultation

Nutrition Mentoring Platform Initial Consultation
  • Takes around 90-120 minutes
  • Establish your health goals and priorities to ensure we focus your nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Your progress will be continuously monitored.
  • Clarify and expand on your personal and family health history to understand any important factors that might affect your unique nutrition and lifestyle plan.
  • Discuss your food and lifestyle preferences and habits to make sure that any recommendations are realistic, enjoyable and personalised

Second Phase of Consultation

  • Takes between 30-60 minutes.
  • Discuss your health plan to ensure you are clear about what, how and why these changes are being made.
  • Address your questions.
  • Ensure that your changes are sustainable, achievable, and enjoyable. Changes take time, you control the pace.
  • Set time scales for any dietary experiments and supplement suggestions.
  • Outline our longer-term strategy to give you an idea of how your new plan fits into each phase of your journey to wellness.
Nutrition Mentoring Platform Second Consultation

Follow-up Consultation

Nutrition Mentoring Platform Follow Up Consultation
  • Takes 60 minutes.
  • Review your health goals and progress made.
  • Identify challenges and what might have affected these; work together to find solutions.
  • Update your health history notes regarding any changes to your diagnoses, treatments or test results.
  • Adjust your nutrition, lifestyle, and supplemental plan.
  • Focus on our next steps.
  • Educate and motivate.